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digger starr yahtzee
Digger Starr Yahtzee
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Dogs From the Past

tyler smudgy fred ginger
Tyler (1989-2003) Smudgy (1992-2006) Fred (1996-2006) Ginger(1996-2006)
heidi cocoa blue schatzel
Heidi (1988-2004) Cocoa Puff (1990-2006) Blue (2001-2006) Schatzel (1992-2006)
norman sassy gracie
Norman (1995-2007) Sassy (2005-2007) Gracie (2002-2012)

  Their Stories

Digger is a Newfoundland born May 31, 2005 in Ontario. He weighs 145 pounds. He is sweet and gentle and loved the dachshunds - especially Norman. He and Sassy were very devoted to each other.

Starr is a Newfoundland born February 19, 2002 in Ontario. She is Digger's niece (although she is three years older than he). Before we got her she competed successfully in several dog shows (but hated every minute of it so she was retired from showing) and had several litters of puppies. She is very attached to Digger.

Yahtzee is a Landseer Newfoundland born July 2, 2004 in Ontario.

Tyler came from a pet store in Florida as a puppy. That was before we knew about puppy mills. Tyler was always the top-dog. Even Smudgy recognized that Tyler was "alpha". Tyler is the reason that we became active in dachshund rescue.

Smudgy was a Border Collie mix who was probably born around 1992. He was wandering the streets of the Toronto suburbs when Cheryl rescued him in 1994. He had been burned with cigarettes, thrown from a car, and who knows what else. It took him a long time to learn to trust people but, after much TLC he became a happy, lovable dog. See our Tribute to Smudgy.

Fred and Ginger were brother and sister Yorkshire Terriers born in 1996. They lived with an elderly woman in the Toronto suburbs until she died in 2001. Fred was the most sensitive of the dogs. If his human family stayed out too long he'd sulk for hours after they got home. Ginger was Smudgy's special friend. She was the only one of the dogs who was allowed into the closet where Smudgy preferred to sleep. Fred and Ginger never spent a night apart and they died on the same day.

We found Heidi in a shelter in Massachusetts very late in her life. She had lived in one home for all of her life but was sent to the shelter when she began having accidents. She was one of the sweetest dogs we've known. Doggie diapers kept the accidents from being a problem. We were glad to be able to give her the good home she deserved for the last year of her life. A dog that's been a faithful companion for many years shouldn't have to die alone in a shelter.

Cocoa Puff lived the first 14 years of his life in one house. But, the children grew up and Dad got a new girlfriend. Cocoa Puff had occasional accidents and, since they planned to get new carpets, the old dog had to go. They called Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue (CCDR) and Jim picked him up planning to foster him. But, right from the start it was clear that he belonged in the Dexter household. He had major medical problems shortly after we got him and almost died. But he had an amazing recovery and spent his last year with us charming everyone he met. Click here for a video of Cocoa Puff right after he came home from the hospital.

Blue was a wire-haired dapple Dachshund mix born around 2000. He was in a shelter in Alabama and was one day away from being put down when he was rescued by Thomas Creel, veterinarian at the Sumiton Animal Clinic in Sumiton, Alabama. Dr. Creel turned him over to CCDR and the Dexters adopted him in 2003. We think that Blue was part Parson Russell Terrier and, as a result, was a very active mischief-maker.

Schatzel was a dachshund born in 1992. She lived the first part of her life with an elderly woman in New York City. For all of her life she was very uncomfortable walking on grass and, for the most part, tried to stay on the sidewalk and driveway -- definitely a city girl. After her owner died, she went through a series of foster homes and eventually found her way to CCDR in 2003. We helped transport her part of the way to her foster home in Delaware. It wasn't long before we telephoned the foster home and asked them to send her back to us! Schatzel was very smart and was the most frenetic, active dachshund we've ever seen. Even at her advanced age, she could be up on the kitchen table in two leaps. See our Tribute to Schatzel.

Norman was a dachshund born around 1995. He was found wandering the streets of New Haven, Connecticut. He was brought into a bar where someone turned him over to (CCDR). We adopted him from CCDR in 2003.

Sassafras was a Newfoundland mix who was probably born early in 2005. She started life on a farm but was turned in to a shelter in Georgia where she was scheduled to be gassed to death. One of the shelter workers took a liking to her and kept moving her from cage to cage when her time was up in hopes that someone would rescue her. We arranged for someone from South Carolina to pull her from the shelter and then we drove down there to get her. Our plan had been to foster her and then adopt her out to a permanent home. But, she fit in so well that she's remained a Dexter Dog for the rest of her too short lifetime. Sassafras was very shy but was also one of the happiest dogs we've seen. She could amuse herself for longs periods of time simply tossing an acorn into the air.

Gracie was a Newfoundland born March 21, 2002 in Ontario. She was Digger's mother and was the most independent of the Newf. She loved people and, in her later years when she was too arthritic for long walks, she loved walking a block or two down Germantown Avenue and greeting as many people going by as she could. She especially liked greeting the children leaving the day care a block from our house - some of whom would hug her.

As some of you know, our beloved dogs Fred, Ginger, and Blue died from intentional antifreeze poisoning on September 12, 2006. Then, on December 20, we also lost Schatzel to intentional poisoning. The story of the September incident is available on various sites around the web including WNBC, the Star-Ledger (large file), and the South Brunswick Sentinel. Three weeks before that incident on August 16 Smudgy had died. At the time we believed he died from cancer but after the vets reviewed his files again, we now believe that, although he did indeed have cancer, the immediate cause of death was rat poison. Take a look at our Tribute to Smudgy and our Tribute to Schatzel.

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