Dexter Dogs Memorial Fund

On September 12, 2006, five of the six dogs that Cheryl and Jim Dexter lovingly owned were intentionally poisoned with antifreeze. Why? No one knows, but tragically three innocent souls died as a result, leaving two in guarded condition and one who escaped the exposure. Upon reviewing past records, the veterinarians then realized that the death of Smudgy, the Dexter's beloved Border Collie mix on August 17 was also due to poison.

The tragedy has left a hole indescribable to two people who have dedicated their lives to rescue and who unselfishly gave these precious dogs a home when they had none. Their hearts are broken at the loss of these sweet dogs because of a cruel person.

In memory of Blue, Fred, Ginger, and Smudgy, the Dexter Dogs Memorial Fund has been established through Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue. All money collected will go to Dachshunds who may otherwise not be able to be treated. Donating to this fund will ensure a dog has a second chance or extensive surgery that may otherwise not be done. If anyone wishes to donate to this fund they should note the request on their check or PayPal payment and it will be added to the Dexter Dogs Memorial Fund. All donations are tax deductible.

Please use the PayPal link below or mail checks to:
Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 147
Jacobus, PA 17407-0147
blue fred ginger smudgy
Blue (2000-2006) Fred (1996-2006) Ginger (1996-2006) Smudgy (1992-2006)

  Their Stories

Blue was a wire-haired dapple Dachshund mix born around 2000. He was in a shelter in Alabama and was one day away from being put down when he was rescued by Thomas Creel, veterinarian at the Sumiton Animal Clinic in Sumiton, Alabama. Dr. Creel turned him over to CCDR and the Dexters adopted him in 2003. We think that Blue was part Parson Russell Terrier and, as a result, was a very active mischief-maker.

Fred and Ginger were brother and sister Yorkshire Terriers born in 1996. They lived with an elderly woman in the Toronto suburbs until she died in 2001. Fred was the most sensitive of the dogs. If his human family stayed out too long he'd sulk for hours after they got home. Ginger was Smudgy's special friend. She was the only one of the dogs who was allowed into the closet where Smudgy preferred to sleep. Fred and Ginger never spent a night apart and they died on the same day.

Smudgy was a Border Collie mix who was probably born around 1992. He was wandering the streets of the Toronto suburbs when Cheryl rescued him in 1994. He had been burned with cigarettes, thrown from a car, and who knows what else. It took him a long time to learn to trust people but, after much TLC he became a happy, lovable dog.

Smudgy aged very gracefully. As he became older, the long runs while Cheryl was on her roller blades turned to long walks then shorter walks and finally to sitting in the yard watching the other dogs play. He was the king in his kingdom and quite pleased about it.

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